Izia by Sisley
A fragrantly digital tale narrated by Hands.

360° Concept Website Film Social media


Hands prompts consumers to explore a fragrance's elements and essence before coming into a store, through the use of social content and an interactive website.



Hands familiarized the public with this new ladies' fragrance by creating an original, interactive digital game where the public goes in search of their own Izia rose. #LookingForMyIzia #LoveMyIzia

Hands delivered a sensorial and dream-like experience, through an interactive interface, a creative personal space, bold Instagram mosaics, and by telling a digital fairy-tale made up of 15 individual stories.

  • A digital web platform: Izia's campaign hub prompted the audience to explore the fragrance's essence and elements.

  • 14-galerie-olfactory-board-izia-sisley

    An olfactory board: Users were able to play with Izia’s digital olfactory board and create their very own boards.

  • screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-10.58.33-am

    Izia's stories: Intimate video content that tells the story of Izia in 15 chapters, starting with the fragrance's inspiration and the creative process that led to the fragrance's creation.

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