LISAA School of Art and Design
Conception and creation of the LISAA school of art and design's website

Brand identity Website Digital transformation


Hands enabled the LISAA school of art and design to highlight its expertise while facilitating a privileged exchange between the administration, students and public



By envisioning a sequential representation of the school's exigent and diverse curriculum and completely digitalizing their offer and processes using the latest and most advanced digital functions on the market, Hands optimized the school's website and created first rate tool for communication.

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Today, the website permits the LISAA school of art and design to affirm its leadership in the educational market by being the overall central point of management and communication for all target audiences.

  • fruitcomputer
    Augmentation du trafic sur le site proche de 20%
  • clipboard
    Plus de 55% de demandes d'entretien via le formulaire de contact.
  • rollerskate
    25% d'augmentation des recherches organiques.

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