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The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is the only worldwide museum and museum professional organization. Its mission is to promote and protect the cultural and natural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible. With 30,000 members in 137 countries, ICOM is a network of museum professionals, whose scope of action includes many areas related to museums and heritage.

ICOM wishes to overhaul the whole of its digital ecosystem: its main website (tool intended for museum professionals to find museological standards), "ICOMMUNITY" (platform designed for ICOM members so they can find and share information), and finally 51 "minisites" (for committees).



Hands is evolving ICOM's digital platform towards more modularity, better handling of user needs (responsiveness, compatibility, mobility), and access to new services offered by ICOM. This ambitious overhaul is accompanied by a merging of all ICOM's information systems - including the "ICOMMUNITY" perimeter (a member-only platform designed for ICOM members to find and share information) and 51 "minisites" provided to local ICOM committees.

Beyond answering the technological challenge by relying on a wordpress CMS that is particularly intuitive and accessible, Hands has led to a profound transformation of ICOM's processes and organization. In orchestrating the establishment of the new ICOM identity, Hands focused on supporting the singularity of the ICOM institution by drawing inspiration from the world of Piet Mondrian.

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    One of the main mission of ICOM is to protect the world heritage. In order to do so, the organization regularly issues "Red lists" of objects at risk (smuggling, destruction, etc.) throughout the world. One of our main goal was to redefine the search engine behind this huge database so the website could offer a very powerful tool for customs officials and curators all over the world. It was also very important of course to ensure that it would work smoothly on Mobile too.

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    Apart from the Red lists, we paid a special attention to the data organisation and the huge quantity of resources offered by the councils to their members. We entirely reviewed the committees directory throughout the world, the member's access has been reintegrated to the main website et all ICOM resources (text, images, videos) have been regrouped within a brand new multimedia library.

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    We also revamped the whole ICOM's digital ecosystem by redesigning its 50+ committees websites and by providing them with powerful communication tools, allowing the association to facilitate the daily work of hundreds of volunteers.

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ICOM benefits from a complete digital ecosystem that has reconfigured the relationship between the institution and its publics.

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