Digital transformation of La Comédie Française 2015-2020

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The arrival of Eric Ruf at the head of la Comédie Française marks an exciting new chapter for the institution with new productions, a reconfiguration of the spaces, geometrics of the troupe, a graphic chart and a new digital strategy. What's the best way to enable La Comédie Française to progressively invest in the digital universe, gradually becoming visible within 3 years?



Transform the web ecosystem around three axes: defining a comprehensive strategy for sustainable digitalization, digitalizing the new graphic identity, and structuring a technical scope to include CMS, E-commerce, hosting and a ticketing office.
Gradually deploy deliveries while sitting on achievements and anticipating future developments. Keeping the strong DNA - both visual and graphic - of La Comédie Française.

  • Wave 1 (2015) - Webdesign refining of La Comédie Française website.

  • First Periscope event for La Comédie Française.

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