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Market leader, Capri-Sun wants to get closer to its customers and nourish a meaningful and fun conversation with them. How can Capri-Sun address its audience and engage consumers on a day-to-day basis?

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Capri-Sun post dessin tutoriel truc astuces au quotidien trop cool maman


Capri-Sun together with Hands initiate a conversation with consumers of the brand on Facebook by creating the digital platform "Too Cool Mom" offering daily tips to be the coolest moms. Hands has developed a consistent and sophisticated Social Media artistic direction, which enabled the brand to quickly assert a strong identity on networks and inspiring the identity of the brand.

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Average + 1790 fans/months ; publications with a reach until 273 252 users

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    Préférence de marque: Ancrage fort dans la communauté des digitals mums et du
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    Engagement: Près de 20% de commentaires et de partages en moyenne par publication

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