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In 2017, CAPEB's website and part of its digital environment need a graphic and functional rework in order to live up to today's new web standards : responsive design, flat & easy UI & UX, API management...

How do we renew a daily used work & communication tool for its users without breaking the continuity of service, without bringing any confusion, but with enhancing the functionalities and optimizing internal processes at the same time ?



Hands used the principles of the Agile Manifesto to specify the needs for CAPEB's website with the people that work there. Workshops, Change Management meetings, A/B testing and continuous improvement, allowed us to complete this ambitious project, still evolving everyday today.

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This project was a real Change Management subject for Hands with CAPEB : new tools set-up, time and money savings on the corporate side, rejuvenated identity and subscription increase for the public side.

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